Behind every great day is a great sleep experience.

A good slumber is vital to your overall health and wellbeing yet many people maintain a complicated relationship with sleep, no thanks to the very nature of modern life.

It would seem like a no-brainer perhaps, that investing in a good mattress, like the pocketed spring mattress with a plush pillow top, renowned for its maximum comfort and good spinal support, is the way to solve one’s sleep needs.

But, is that really all it takes to achieving healthy sleep? How do you define a good sleep anyway?

What if future beds come with smart features that could soothe the soul and heal chronic illness sufferers during their sleeping hours?

With the advances in science and technology, it is only a matter of time before high-tech bedding systems promising to deliver optimal sleep experience become a reality.

So, what will sleep be like in the future?

1. Sleep monitoring mattress

“One’s sleep experience is no longer limited only to a mattress. The contemporary customer also looks for features and benefits beyond basic functionality,” says Ms Jenny Koh, Executive Director at Matsushita Greatwall Corporation Pte Ltd, the manufacturer of King Koil mattresses. King Koil is one of the leading bedding brands renowned for its chiropractor-approved pocketed spring mattresses and luxurious bedding accessories.

As confirmed by King Koil Singapore, research and development work with their global partners to manufacture “technologically advanced mattresses that can monitor and regulate our customers’ sleep patterns” is well under way.

Try: The new range of King Koil smart mattresses that would be launched in the near future. Keep a close look out at the King Koil website!

2. The Fresh mattress

We love to clean our mattress regularly. Says no one ever! Have you thought about all the dead skin cells that accumulated on your mattress last night? Or nasty bacteria? We won’t blame you, because they are all invisible (to the naked eye)!

Most mattresses today only come with anti-bacteria properties. At King Koil, all mattress covers are treated to protect against bacteria, mildew, mold and dust mites.

Try: King Koil’s mattresses that are treated with Argentum Plus fabrics which integrate the latest technology to optimise moisture management.

3. The astronaut pillow

After a tiring day managing difficult clients and bosses or running after and yelling at your little ones, visco-elastic bedding products would help you drift to sleep.

Originally formulated by NASA to relief pressure experienced by astronauts, visco-elastic foam moulds to the contours of your body, to relieve your body of stress and strain. It just doesn’t stop there! The CoolMax fabric transports moisture away from the surface of the pillow, leaving it cool and dry.

Try: King Koil’s range of smart bedding products that are treated with CoolMax and come with luxurious removable covers from Belgium.

4. Sleeping on snow

The same snow you see in Harry Potter movies is now in your pillows. Seriously.

The tiny flakes found in King Koil’s Fossflake collection was originally used for artificial snow in movies like Harry Potter and Phantom of the Opera. Made from fibre cut in a way that’s light and fluffy, this filling results in pillows and duvets that are light as snow.

With its hypoallergenic features, it makes for suitable filling material for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Try: The King Koil Fossflake bedding collection, which is manufactured in Denmark and slept on throughout the world.

5. No more snoring!

Was your sleep last night disrupted by your partner’s snoring? Has that disturbed sleep caused you to suffer from a headache and reduced your concentration at work?

It’s time to say good bye to all of that! Designed to address problems associated with snoring, the SnoreBeGoneSleep Positioning System will ensure that you are well rested and energised for that long day ahead,The system works by following every inch and contour of the body filling in gaps and removing any stress from pressure points.

Try: SnoreBeGone Sleeping Positioning system, from Protect-a-Bed and exclusively distributed by King Koil.

Technologically advanced mattresses and bedding products could well be a common sight in the future. After all, consumers today are buying into a lifestyle concept of sleeping - one that is valuable and worthwhile to their sleep needs.

While we wait for these to become reality, check out King Koil’s diverse range of premium mattresses, beds, bedlinens and made to order fabric sofas at


Matsushita Greatwall Corporation Pte Ltd pioneered the manufacture of spring mattresses in Singapore in 1968 and has progressed to become a regional leader in the furniture industry. Matsushita Greatwall Corporation Pte Ltd is the home of King Koil Sleep Products and is proud to celebrate the nation's 51st birthday. Happy 51st Birthday Singapore!