KING KOIL Smart Bedding Comfort Pro Bolster

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King Koil Smart Bedding Collection

The Smart Bedding Collection has a Deep Visco Memory Foam core provides optimal support.

Deep Visco Memory Foam was initially developed by scientists to support astronauts during space expeditions. When pressure or heat is applied, the Deep Visco Memory Foam core softens and conforms to the sleeper’s body contour. An impression is created in the Deep Visco Memory Foam core that provides body support and maintains spinal alignment. Once the pressure is released, the core will recover to its original shape. It relieves pressure for sleepers suffering from chronic back or shoulder pain. The bedding accessories have been curated to support back and side sleepers. It also provides durable and long lasting support. 

Our Smart Bedding Collection is hypo-allergenic and the covers are treated with Ultrafresh – that prohibits the growth of dust mite, mould, mildew and bacteria. The knitted covers, with Tencel™ or Coolmax™ treatment dissipates accumulated body heat.

We are pleased to offer a selection of different pillows – standard, contoured, travel sized or bolster, for customised comfort and orthopaedic support.


King Koil Smart Bedding Comfort Pro - Bolster

Filling: Deep-visco memory foam with inner cover

Comfort Feel: Firm

Cover: Knitted fabric treated

Treatment: Tencel™ and Ultrafresh – prohibits the growth of bacteria, mould, mildew and dust mites

Size: 22cm (D) x 91cm (L)/ 8.5” (D) x 36” (L)

Suitability: The bolster is versatile and ideal for both face up and side sleepers. Bolsters can be used by side sleepers – as they tend to twist their hips, which may cause some discomfort. Side sleepers can either hug or place the bolsters it between their knees. It allows the side sleepers to decrease the amount of hip twisting, and sleep in a more comfortable and neutral position.   

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KING KOIL Smart Bedding Comfort Pro Bolster

KING KOIL Smart Bedding Comfort Pro Bolster

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